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bipolar disorder
Mental Wellness

Bipolar Disorder: Types, Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

Do frequently fluctuating moods (mirth now, melancholy then) bother you? Perplexed over your emotional state that touches pain and pleasure at intermittent intervals? Could it

Diagnosis of depression; treatment of depression
Mental Wellness

Depression: Diagnosis and Treatment

How to diagnose depression? For effective diagnosis and treatment of depression, you need to approach a certified mental health professional. The doctor can determine whether

symptoms of depression
Mental Wellness

Depression: Symptoms and Side Effects

If you thought ignorance is bliss, we urge you to rethink. Many a times, people fall prey to severe depression, failing to identify the symptoms

what is depression
Mental Wellness

Depression: What is Depression?

Of late, do you find yourself extremely sad and angry for reasons unknown to you? Are unexplained mood swings weighing you down like never before?