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Vernon Sankey & Katey Lockwood: Finding Peace In Turbulent Times

Vernon Sankey, Chairman of the Audit Committee and Board Member of the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee, Atos SE and Katey Lockwood, Personal Transformation Coach, Model

Avnish Sabharwal
Leader's Scoop

Avnish Sabharwal: “Only Way to Survive the Digital Tsunami is to Disrupt Yourself”

Avnish Sabharwal, Managing Director, Accenture Ventures & Open Innovation, talks to TheMindLine on Building High Performing Teams, Strategic Career Management and much more. *Views expressed

yogesh chabria
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Yogesh Chabria : “The Best Things Come Out Of Setbacks”

Yogesh Chabria, an Exuberant Entrepreneur, Best Selling Author, Award-winning Speaker, India’s #1 Business, Success and Life Strategist, talks to TheMindLine, on successful entrepreneurship and much more.

Leader's Scoop

Robertson Hunter Stewart : “Give Your People Your Confidence and Trust”

Robertson Hunter Stewart, renowned Leadership Specialist & Author of the bestseller Employee Power, talks to TheMindLine, on employee centric leadership and much more. Robertson Hunter