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best investment for your children

The Best Investment for your Children!

Remember the days before having kids? No pressures; do what you want; just you and your partner. Enter the children. Juggling schedules; competing demands for

fitness in children

Fitness in Children: An Overview

Fitness, never an outdated code among adults, is seemingly a missing factor among children of the contemporary times. Various influences share the blame for the

working parents and child development

Working Parents And Child Development

It is a common challenge that parents face: they must work while at the same time strive to meet the needs of their growing children.


“Mom, 5 more minutes, please!” : Screen Time and Children

Bribery for getting homework done – goodies like chocolates and color pencils fared well in the past. Hacking it with some extra minutes of screen

Raise successful kids

7 Magical Things Parents Do to Raise Successful Kids!

Are you a doting parent striving to raise successful kids? Hola, you are at the right place, at the right time! Parenting is no drop

How to prepare your first child before bringing home your second child

How To Prepare Your First Child Before Bringing Home Your Second Child?

Babies, especially newborns, are quite a joyous treat for the eyes; but not necessarily for your firstborn who might feel insecure and threatened by the