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Belly Fat and dangers

How Bad Is Belly Fat?

Bulging out, however unsightly it might be, does not bother all alike. Are you one among those who do not give a damn about that

long-distance relationships

How to make long-distance relationships work?

Erin and Garrett did the trick quite wonderfully and so can you! After all, long-distance relationships do not miss the boat all the time; it’s all

ways to enhance productivity
Personality Development

7 Splendid Ideas to Enhance Productivity

Wonder how some people get to act and accomplish so much that makes it appear like their days are beyond 24 hours? Gladly revealing their

How to prepare your first child before bringing home your second child

How To Prepare Your First Child Before Bringing Home Your Second Child?

Babies, especially newborns, are quite a joyous treat for the eyes; but not necessarily for your firstborn who might feel insecure and threatened by the

superfoods to boost immunity

7 Superfoods To Boost Immunity!

Do you fancy and covet the ‘hale and hearty’ tag? Awesome! Well-being is all about conscious and conscientious efforts, giving a chunky role to the

Diagnosis of depression; treatment of depression
Mental Wellness

Depression: Diagnosis and Treatment

How to diagnose depression? For effective diagnosis and treatment of depression, you need to approach a certified mental health professional. The doctor can determine whether

symptoms of depression
Mental Wellness

Depression: Symptoms and Side Effects

If you thought ignorance is bliss, we urge you to rethink. Many a times, people fall prey to severe depression, failing to identify the symptoms

what is depression
Mental Wellness

Depression: What is Depression?

Of late, do you find yourself extremely sad and angry for reasons unknown to you? Are unexplained mood swings weighing you down like never before?

anxiety disorder
Mental Wellness

Anxiety Disorder: Calm it out before it harms!

Do you feel like in deep waters when an exam or interview approaches? Do you feel crushed by a sense of uncontrollable nervousness? Well, it

great habits for good health

7 Great Habits For Good Health

“The human body is the best picture of the human soul.”- Tony Robbins. Do you wish to create the finest picture ever? Come along, follow