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“Mom, 5 more minutes, please!” : Screen Time and Children

Bribery for getting homework done – goodies like chocolates and color pencils fared well in the past. Hacking it with some extra minutes of screen

Mental Wellness

Postpartum Depression: Mamma, you are not alone!

Hey, New Mommy in Town! Hitting your all-time low though you expected to plunge into the magical journey of motherhood will all enthusiasm? Then, the

Mental Wellness

Stress: Types, causes and symptoms of stress

Do you feel more susceptible to tension and stress than a common cold or flu? Not a grain of surprise goes into it, given the

diagnosis and treatment of stress
Mental Wellness

Stress: Diagnosis and Treatment of Stress

Timely diagnosis and treatment of stress makes a lot of difference in your overall well-being and standard of life. Read on to know more on

chicken dinner how good is chicken for health

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

Chicken Dinner! Though a consumed reward (or a proud yore emotion) for the Indian PUBG (Player Unknown’s Battleground) player, chicken dinner is quite a palatable

Is your child eating right

Is Your Child Eating Right?

Emma is super-fussy at the dining table, and ultra choosy too (well, she chooses just what is not right for her health!). The “tantrum vs.

Personality Development

10 Killer Ways to Boost Your Self-Confidence

Do you have a decisive business meeting with a prospective client? Are you clueless on how to win over the client? What will convince the

ways to build trust in a relationship

7 Proven Ways to Build Trust in a Relationship

Are you in a serious ‘for a lifetime’ relationship? If you just answered it “yes,” we have few amazing hacks for you – some splendid

Raise successful kids

7 Magical Things Parents Do to Raise Successful Kids!

Are you a doting parent striving to raise successful kids? Hola, you are at the right place, at the right time! Parenting is no drop

physical fitness and the brain

Physical Fitness and the Brain

Do you hit the gym regularly? Do you do it for your body or the brain? Physical fitness and the brain! – Does the concept