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cope with cancer
Mental Wellness

How to Cope with Cancer and its Psychological Impacts?

A cancer diagnosis causes complex feelings. It is emotionally and physically draining and demanding for the patient to go through the treatment but I believe that

can cancer be prevented
Doctor Factor

Can Cancer Be Prevented through Lifestyle Changes?

Cancer is a group of disease that occurs due to uncontrolled growth of cells. As they grow, they displace the normal cells and take up

health benefits of fiber
Culinary Corner

Why is Fiber Good For Your Health : Fiber to Favor

Why is fiber good for your health? Fiber, a nutritional component that helps us to stay active and be on the move, is linked to

pre-workout foods

Pre-workout Foods: What Should You Eat Before Gym?

Isn’t it time yet to bust the myth that you should NOT eat anything before workout? If you still hold on to it, we have

long covid

Long Covid: All You Need To Know About Long Covid

What is Long Covid? Long Covid (Post-Acute Sequelae of SARS CoV-2 infection – PASC) is a condition where the affected continues to experience the symptoms

benefits of flax seeds
Culinary Corner


Flax – one of the oldest crops cultivated ever since early civilization; a food which is plan based by nature. Among the numerous benefits of

best investment for your children

The Best Investment for your Children!

Remember the days before having kids? No pressures; do what you want; just you and your partner. Enter the children. Juggling schedules; competing demands for

foods to boost immunity
Culinary Corner

Immunity Boosting Delicacies : Your Guide to Culinary Appropriate Behaviour

   Treat up yourself to the best but eat well & rest is also one of the citations these days which we need to look

pillars of healthy relationships

7 Pillars of Healthy Relationships

Human beings have been social animals since time immemorial. The inter-dependence between humans can be seen in the context of inter-personal relationships. Such relationships have

weird phobias
Mental Wellness

Top 10 Weird Phobias You Never Knew Of!

Phobias, categorised under anxiety disorders, are extreme and irrational fear of specific objects, persons, situations or activities. While we all know of phobias like hydrophobia,