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weird phobias
Mental Wellness

Top 10 Weird Phobias You Never Knew Of!

Phobias, categorised under anxiety disorders, are extreme and irrational fear of specific objects, persons, situations or activities. While we all know of phobias like hydrophobia,

habits to succeed
Personality Development

15 Powerful Habits to Succeed in Life

Like most people, do you also yearn to be that successful high-achiever? Then let’s go ahead together, picking some immensely helpful habits to succeed and

foods for stress relief
Mental Wellness

5 Magical Foods for Stress Relief

Nearly one-third of the global population experience stress on a daily basis. Stress sitting on a cozy seat of acceptance in normal life, this statistic

Leader's Scoop

Vernon Sankey & Katey Lockwood: Finding Peace In Turbulent Times

Vernon Sankey, Chairman of the Audit Committee and Board Member of the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee, Atos SE and Katey Lockwood, Personal Transformation Coach, Model

can music help stress
Mental Wellness

Can Music Help Stress? Tune In To Know!

Monthly bills, personal loans, annual targets, upcoming appraisals, demanding relationships – That’s pretty too much to handle and do you see the sly stress creeping

yogesh chabria
Leader's Scoop

Yogesh Chabria : “The Best Things Come Out Of Setbacks”

Yogesh Chabria, an Exuberant Entrepreneur, Best Selling Author, Award-winning Speaker, India’s #1 Business, Success and Life Strategist, talks to TheMindLine, on successful entrepreneurship and much more.


“Mom, 5 more minutes, please!” : Screen Time and Children

Bribery for getting homework done – goodies like chocolates and color pencils fared well in the past. Hacking it with some extra minutes of screen

Leader's Scoop

Robertson Hunter Stewart : “Give Your People Your Confidence and Trust”

Robertson Hunter Stewart, renowned Leadership Specialist & Author of the bestseller Employee Power, talks to TheMindLine, on employee centric leadership and much more. Robertson Hunter

Mental Wellness

Postpartum Depression: Mamma, you are not alone!

Hey, New Mommy in Town! Hitting your all-time low though you expected to plunge into the magical journey of motherhood will all enthusiasm? Then, the

Mental Wellness

The Pinocchio Effect : No More Lies, Please!

“He who tells a lie is not sensible of how great a task he undertakes; for he must be forced to invent twenty more to