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Nearly one-third of the global population experience stress on a daily basis. Stress sitting on a cozy seat of acceptance in normal life, this statistic doesn’t startle you much, right? But what if we say you can melt away some hot, boiling stress in your kitchen? So, here goes the list of some terrific foods for stress relief like never before!

1. Broccoli

Bundled with folic acid and Vitamin B, broccoli can effectively regulate the cortisol (“stress hormone”) levels in your body. It also keeps a close tab on your blood pressure levels. Fighting stress with broccoli can strengthen your immune system tremendously.

Half a cup (approximately 45 grams) is the recommended daily dose of broccoli. Enjoy it raw in the form of a salad to grab the best out of the grub. If you really don’t fancy including it in your salad, jazz up your omelette with some fresh broccoli.

Note: Before consuming, soak broccoli in clean water for sometime and wash thoroughly so as to get rid of bacteria and pesticides.

2. Chickpea

A legume so delectable, chickpea has more to it than we actually know of. The array of nutrients in chickpea defines its real richness. While the vitamin B, magnesium, zinc, potassium and selenium in chickpea help relieve stress, the amino acids L-tryptophan in it helps in enhancing the overall mood. Your brain has better chances of staying active and healthy if this protein-rich legume finds a place on your daily diet.

Chickpea can be added into almost anything! Flavor your pasta with a handful of chickpeas. Soups, salads and stews also taste better with some chickpea in it. If you really love munching something crunchy in the evenings, roasted chickpeas are just perfect for you!

Note: If you are using canned chickpea, watch out for the sodium content. Too much of sodium intake can result in an increase in your blood pressure levels.

3. Garlic

If garlic never meant anything better than a mere flavor enhancer, we have some solid reasons to glorify garlic! An excellent stressbuster, garlic is packed with antioxidants that can calm you down during stress-inducing situations. The sulfur compounds in garlic are also known to have a positive impact on the temperament.

Garlic can be consumed in multiple ways. Toss some garlic into your soup and enjoy heaven in a bowl! Garlic tea is amazing when you are in the right mood to relax and rejuvenate.

Pro Tip: Storing up some dried garlic powder can come handy any day!

4. Fatty Fish

Hurray! Fish lovers have more ‘soothing’ reasons to gobble some extra fish! Among the best foods for stress relief, fishes rich in Omega-3 fatty acids rank high. The Omega-3 in fishes like salmon, sardine and tuna can effectively control stress. Rich in the stress relief Vitamins B-6 and B-12, fatty fish has been found helpful in conditions like postpartum depression and other mood disorders as well.

Oily fish gives out its best perks in the steamed and poached forms. Include fatty fish in your diet at least twice a week for effective stress management.

5. Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes are way too sweet when it comes to ensuring you high spirits. The high magnesium content in sweet potatoes helps in fighting stress and balances the body’s stress response system. The magnesium also aids in relaxing your muscles, adding on to the calming down process.

Baked sweet potatoes are an all-time favorite! If pancakes sound like some really boring breakfast, charge it up with some mashed sweet potatoes; we swear, you would just love it!