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All set for a romantic candlelight dinner with your spouse (and an array of exquisite dishes!)? But bothered about the annoying call from your boss, that might bump into the show any moment? That unfinished business proposal jolts the joys? Poor work-life balance is truly a cause of concern in the lives of millions!

What Can Unhealthy Work-Life Balance Do To You?

The absence of a near-to-perfect equilibrium between work and personal life can kindle several unsettling issues, all of which require the quickest discern and aid:

  • Broken relationships that consider divorce as the fix

  • Lack of interest towards work and anything related to work

  • Scaled down productivity levels

  • Stress, anxiety, depression and other mental health issues in self and family members

  • Surging lifestyle diseases

  • Tampered sleep quality

  • Poor social life

How To Achieve Work-life Balance?

1. The Clock Is Your Boss!

Clearly identify and demarcate the timings for office and home. Prioritize and schedule your activities diligently so that work doesn’t peep into your household and vice versa. Set yourself deadlines for each task you undertake and ensure that the chore is fulfilled within the allocated time. Late-comers (both to office as well as home) immensely disrupt the balance between work and personal life.

2. Stay Productive During Work Hours

Employ the best strategies to enhance your productivity at work. Avoid distractions like personal calls, social media, office politics and gossips during work hours. If you are working from home, choose a closed room that would warrant your full attention to your work. If lack of knowledge poses a threat to your productivity, be open to upskill yourself by learning more.

3. Do Not Serve Office Talk On The Dining Table

Meal time holds the ideal image of family time in a major fraction of households. Official matters should never pop up then, keeping you robbed of some quality family-exclusive moments. Ensure that you don’t wear the halo of your official title while your children seek to sneak the best instants of the day.

4. Pick Smart Work over Hard Work

Hard grind is obsolete and old-fashioned. Bring to bear all the efficiency-enhancing strategies and adhere to smart work! Employ devices and software that can ease your toil wherever applicable and delegate tasks that deserve to be.

5. Stand For A Healthy Lifestyle

A well-designed lifestyle can minister to work-life balance in multiple ways, by augmenting its most essential components. Proper sleep, ample physical activity and a well-balanced diet can steep up your productivity levels and help you stay active through the day. Your well-being, physical as well as mental, is taken care of as well.

6. Indulge In And Practice Self-love

Self-love is no selfish business; love yourself and make yourself lovable. Carve out a ‘Me-Time’ for all the vitalities it serves. Take time to realize and enhance all your skills and interests. Self-compassion is amazingly suited to drive away burnouts and frustrations that could hinder your efficiency to incomparable degrees.

7. Timely Conflict Resolution Is A Must.

Having issues at workplace, with a difficult boss or a nagging colleague? Indeed, it causes huge turmoil within you and the same could vex you while at home as well. Leaving to office, yelling at your spouse, can guarantee a bad day at work too. Hence, it is undeniably important to resolve differences at the earliest and retain your internal calmness to be at your best in the office and at home.

8. Master Mind Management

Bringing a selective split between personal and professional life can be grim, if the mind doesn’t function to the fullest. Mind management techniques like yoga and meditation can serve well in boosting the 3 C’s crucial to hauling up competence – Clarity, Concentration and Calmness.

9. Introspect And Rectify Regularly

As each day ends, set aside some time to closely analyze the best and worst parts of the day. Hone the positives and dodge the negatives; this simple yet amazing technique helps in bettering your upcoming days and certainly unveils the next degree of adeptness in you.

10. Give Yourself A Break!

Continuous and mechanical work can tone down your caliber considerably. Why not take a break from the monotony? A holiday with the family can be your best mode of rejuvenation. The family bonding gets better on the go and the ‘wife vs. boss’ conflict can stay aside for some time! (Remember to cut away completely from office calls and mails to yield the best outcome.)