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Monthly bills, personal loans, annual targets, upcoming appraisals, demanding relationships – That’s pretty too much to handle and do you see the sly stress creeping in? How to handle this mounting stress? Can music help stress and it’s outcomes? The answer is a Big, Bold “YES”!

How does music help while you are stressed?

 Over the years, music has been hailed as a magical potion for the betterment of the mind and the body. Several scientific studies have successfully established the fact that music has a very positive influence on the mind. The Mozart effect is a classic example, where a group of individuals exposed to the music of Mozart seemed to possess better mental and reasoning abilities, when compared to a group that was not subjected to music.

The different sound frequencies in music are said to have an impact on our autonomic nervous system. The autonomic nervous system has two primary parts – sympathetic nervous system (that evokes the fight or flight response) and the parasympathetic nervous system (that helps us in calming down). When you listen to music, you are stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system (Hurray! Stress, stress, go away!).  

Listening to your favorite tunes can also lower your bodily levels of cortisol, the hormone that contributes to stress and anxiety. The same attribute helps music to be the rescue superhero in high-stress situations. Music, by reducing stress and anxiety symptoms, can help you sleep better as well. Now don’t you realize why doctors often recommend music therapy for stress, depression and anxiety?

Whoa! Music has some perks to your delight: By managing your stress for you, it can help you avoid other physical problems like heart attacks, hypertension, hyperglycemia and so on.

What kind of music really helps with stress?

 Though all kinds of music have therapeutic effects to boast of, scientific studies have found that some specific genres of music are more effective in dealing with issues like stress, anxiety and depression.

Here we are listing out the major ones for you:

  • Indian stringed instruments, flute, drums
  • Native American music
  • Celtic forms
  • Nature related sounds like rain, chirping of birds, thunder
  • Light and soothing classical music and relaxing jazz

Click here for a list of stress-relieving music, beautifully compiled by Classic FM

How to include music in your daily routine?

Are you too busy a person and feel there’s not enough time to squeeze in some music into your schedule? We can help you through some simple yet powerful suggestions:

  1. Grab your headphones and tune into your favorite radio channel while you jog or take a morning stroll. Beginning your day with music…there’s nothing as magical as that!
  2. Some classical music in the background while you get ready for office would help with the scurry and hurry.
  3. Breakfast time should ideally be accompanied by some great musical piece. Interestingly, music can help with your digestion too (surprised, aren’t you? But true to every bite!).
  4. Now you are all set to office. Alas! The maddening traffic on the road… Worry not, switch on the music player and relax. Put that great end to road rage today.
  5. Sway to your favorite tunes while you cook a delicious meal.
  6. If cleaning and keeping your home organized seem too tedious a task for you, pep it up with some high-energy fast numbers and in a jiffy, you are done!

When tension mounts, switch to a musical mode for all the bounties that comes along. Shoo away stress and anxiety from your life today by blending your chores with some melody.