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Yogesh Chabria, an Exuberant Entrepreneur, Best Selling Author, Award-winning Speaker, India’s #1 Business, Success and Life Strategist, talks to TheMindLine, on successful entrepreneurship and much more.

Discovering the opportunity in crisis is where the inception of success is; all that matters is a mindset to grow and Yogesh Chabria, the founder of the Happionaire™ Way, had it all along, helping him to become the best motivational speaker in India.

The author of the best sellers Invest the Happionaire Way and Succeed The Happionaire Way, Yogesh has been felicitated as Mumbai University’s Most Distinguished Alumni as a leader in his field along with others such as Mahatma Gandhi , Mukesh Ambani and Anji Reddy; he is the recipient of IIT Bombay’s – “Techfest Award”, IIT Bombay’s E-Summit Award, IIT Madras’s E-Summit Award, TEDx UPES Leadership Award, IIT Delhi – Tryst Award, Rotary Leadership Award, Maharashtra Government  Community Leader Award, WOW Awards Jury – Live Quotient, India’s Best Motivational Speaker, LIRT, Global HR Summit Award.

The Genesis of the Happionaire™ Way

As an aftermath of The Partition of India, the grandparents of Yogesh refuged to India from the Sindh province, abandoning all their assets. Not a tad surprising, growing up was a hotchpotch of stumbling blocks for Yogesh. Nevertheless, the high spirits of the young Yogesh never drooped even when he had to sell toys at the age of 5! Challenges transitioned to be the iron in the fire for using the mind more and with him grew his passion for business and sales. At the age of 23, Yogesh wrote his premier book, Invest the Happionaire Way, laying the foundation to the Happionaire™ Way that focuses on mindset and well-being programs.  “If you are physically fit, mentally fit – emotionally, spiritually, financially – I think all of that goes in making somebody happy,”  says Yogesh. 

The Driving Force behind the Happionaire™ Way

Empowering the fellow beings with empathy as a mode, is the mantra that Yogesh adheres to. “I feel if you have empathy for the other person, if you trust the other person, if you give them freedom – that’ll really help them bring out the best in them. I think that’s how I love to work with people. And I believe at the end of the day we are all human beings ; we are made out of the same matter and if we understand that, life becomes nice, life becomes easy and each person has something that they really look forward to; so, even when you are getting somebody on your team or you are working with somebody – if you can identify what the other person really wants to do with their life and then give them the independence, give them the authority, most of the time, 99% of the time, things work out well,”  says Yogesh.

A highly enterprising personage, Yogesh believes in the innate sense of adventure as the best pioneering quirk.  “All of us have a sense of adventure within us and just tapping into that adventurous self is Entrepreneurship according to me,”  adds Yogesh.

The resistance to succumb to flaws creates heights for an aspiring entrepreneur.  “We make mistakes, we don’t give up and we keep trying – that’s the beauty of humanity,”   believes Yogesh.

Impact over 20 million Happionaires and 1000 corporates

Yogesh attributes the overwhelmingly huge base of followers and clientele to two major skills, the first being persistence. “I am super persistent and I think that’s something that keeps me going. In the beginning, most of the times, we don’t get success, you’ll face rejection, challenges and the key is to keep going,” affirms Yogesh. According to him, shrinking the distance between goal setting and goal achievement is all about continuous action.  “When you set a goal, you should have a belief that the goal is something that agrees to your values, you should have a belief that this is already been done and when you believe that this is already been done, you just need to take action everyday. Continuous action. Action without fear. If you keep taking the action over and over and over again, you will reach your destination.” 

The second crucial success factor, according to Yogesh, is the ability to influence others.  “If I have the best interest of the other person in mind, it becomes very easy for me to influence somebody. If I want to really help somebody, I really will go out of my way to reach out to them.” 

Approach towards setbacks

The unstoppable and dashing entrepreneur in Yogesh is indeed a statuesque outcome of setbacks.  “I think the BEST THINGS come out of setbacks. Whatever good things come out is because of a setback or a challenge.” 

Yogesh’s journey from a little toy-seller to an entrepreneur acclaimed across the globe is the best example he cites.

At the age of 28, Yogesh, who was just out of a meeting, collapsed and had to be rushed to the hospital. The hale and hearty youngster then learns about several health issues. Optimistic, as ever, Yogesh considered it an arena to take charge of his health and resorted to certain lifestyle tweaks. He has been practising Yoga and meditation ever since then.

Time-management hacks to get the best out of each day

The multifaceted Yogesh Chabria has an exceptionally structured approach towards spending each moment. He mentions skipping television news and newspapers as awesome time-savers. Attending to tasks with a timeframe in mind also helps. Prioritizing comes so very handy here, spending time with your family -that evening walk, the time at the beach together adds a lot of value to your life. The shopping at a mall could be done much effectively and with less time if you go with a list rather than browsing through the entire merchandise.

Correlation between Inner Sense of Calmness and Goal Accomplishment

External forces can never be brought under our control; however we can undeniably influence and navigate what happens within us. “I am reminded of the story of Viktor Frankl, renowned psychologist: He gets picked up by the Nazis, gets thrown into Nazi camps, stripped out of his clothes – they take away everything and now he’s in concentration camp. He realizes the people at the camp can beat him physically, not give him food for 4 days, he watched his family being killed, but he says THEY HAVE NO CONTROL OVER WHAT HAPPENS IN MY MIND. And in his mind he maintained calmness. When he came out, he visualized a beautiful future and he shared his experience in the book: Man’s Search for Meaning.”

The calmness within is detrimental to the heights one can reach for.  “And I think to really succeed, you need to be CALM internally. When challenges come, and they do come regularly, you can face them better if you are calm inside. I practice meditation – it really helps me a lot. I started meditating from when I was 14 years old. It really helps me. I like reading the GITA – it also gives me some insights. As Krishna says: ‘Do Your Duty and Don’t think about the results.’ Just give it your best shot without thinking about the outcome. That’s where you get a real sense of perspective. At the end of the day, everything is temporary,”  adds Yogesh.   

Upcoming renderings from the Happionaire

Quite promising and socially beneficial are the forthcoming projects of the Happionaire.

“We have a Corporate program called Happionaire Sales Accelerator Program – an online program to help people with their influence, their ability to sell – but again it’s very holistic looking at whole other areas of inspiration like some nature, some spirituality – an ability to look at life that way becomes really beautiful.  We have another program called Happionaire Secret Sales Scripts – We have scripts for Instagram, Scripts for follow ups, Scripts for WhatsAPP, Scripts for Calling, Scripts for LinkedIn, Scripts for E-Mail I love writing Books and these are like that – a lot entertaining but with Audio, with Video formats.  We have another audio learning program called Happionaire Sales Secrets.

Some Spirit to the Crestfallen

As recommendations to the dejected, Yogesh says, “there’s always HOPE. There have been times when I had been dejected. It is a choice that you make: you have the choice of being dejected or hopeful. That’s the choice that everyone has to make. I have been in both the situations. You have so many gifts to be thankful for. Every little thing is a gift and if you start looking at it that way, there is so much to be grateful for. And you really grow when there’s HOPE. Everyday I wake up, I am excited about something – it could be the smallest thing.  It is difficult, if you think it is difficult. It is beautiful if you think it is beautiful.“