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Wonder how some people get to act and accomplish so much that makes it appear like their days are beyond 24 hours? Gladly revealing their high-priced secrets, absolutely free of cost, just for YOU! Here’s what they do to enhance productivity and efficiency.

1. Rise Early and Shine Through the Day

Kick off your day much ahead of the sun (Yes, you ought to challenge the sun for the rest of your life!).

What makes it perfectly productive to rise early?

  • After a good sleep, your fresh mind and body is packed with high levels of energy, which lets you do lot more in lesser time
  • Clear and pure is the mind in the morning; the best decisions ever made are always outcomes adorning the dawn!

2. Fend off Procrastination

“Tomorrow” and “Later” are words you should forget and forgo when it comes to completion of tasks. “Now” is your golden command! Delay not any crucial chores, for they become the burden at the bottom of the barrel.

3. A “To-Do” List can be your best buddy

A “To-Do” List requires no preface as it forms part of almost everyone’s daily routine. But guess what, most people are clueless on optimally utilizing the possibilities of a simple yet powerful To Do List!

To Do Lists Enhance Productivity

 “Simplicity boils down to two steps: identify the essential, eliminate the rest.” — Leo Babauta.

This holds absolutely true here! Prioritize the tasks listed, pick out the decisive and vital ones, discard the rest. This helps to ensure that the critical gigs are executed, avoiding redundant time drains. Do Less to Do More is the contemporary spell to enhance productivity.

4. Take ample breaks

Stay away from Jack who works and just works, keeping the day a boring art! Go uninvolved for sometime and see your efficiency multiplying magically.

Split each of your work hours into two fragments : 50 minutes of work and a leisure quotient of 10 minutes. Break the monotony of tasks and they become easy as pie!

5. Adhere to the “8-hour sleep” rule

Hit the sack on time and grab that much needed slumber of 8 good hours! Proper sleep enhances your thought process through the day and hence boosts your pace dramatically.

Forty winks in the afternoon, if a possible privilege, can bring fascinating fruits!

6. Carry out the Challenging yet Crucial Tasks in the Morning

Morning vibes are totally pivotal in making you that happily happening person. When the mind is cloudless, less is the clutter in chores.

Identify that one thing that makes you the man of the day. Focus on that crucial and tough task first and foremost. Killed is the monster, feel the rest falling in place at ease.

7. Steer Clear of Distractions

“1 message received”- Is this a sight that overwhelms you? You probably would have to come out of it to gear up to efficiency!

Farther off digital distractions like phones and televisions while you are in the constructive mode. Time once tipped over is like spilt milk!

Success is a leap away; march off in style with these productive quirks!