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Erin and Garrett did the trick quite wonderfully and so can you! After all, long-distance relationships do not miss the boat all the time; it’s all made plain here and no more excuses.

1. Set your schedule right

Design your day diligently that your partner gets a comfortable fraction of your time. The time you thus set apart implies your much yearned for together-moments and hence should be away from all sorts of distractions.

Schedule in long-distance relationships

At least one hour of discourse a day is the big cheese of norms followed by couples successful in long-distance relationships. The keynote here is the choice of time convenient for both parties.

2. Communicate Regularly but Not Excessively

Give space to your long-distance partner

While the presence of ample communication is pressing in relationships, it is equally significant not to cling on to each-other through the day. Give sufficient space to your companion; respect their time and priorities like yours.

3. Miles apart, yet together

Plan activities together

Plan activities to do together, though from your respective places. Couples with commendable culinary skills could attempt interesting recipes. Ardent readers can try out reading books together. Some Netflix time wouldn’t hurt either!

4. Spring sweet surprises on your sweetheart

Surprises help relationships

Once wooed and won does not solely hit the spot in relationships, especially when proximity is pale. Bowl over your companion at every possible instance; the finest touch being through surprises. Who wouldn’t love surprises? Throw them on him/her frequently and thoughtfully!

5. Underscore the relationship with a giant dollop of trust

Never depreciate the trust quotient. Build and maintain trust to a fabulous grade that the journey progresses without undesirable bumps.

A cheating partner begets an unfaithful better half as free ride. Etch it deep not to lie or deceive your long-distance partner.

6. Make each-other feel great through social media

Public displays of affection (PDA) shove social media like Facebook and Instagram to be completely crammed. However, there is some sense and sweetness latent in it.

Though not to coarse extents, simple and harmless gestures like liking each-other’s content and appreciating the same can boost golden vibes. Howbeit, making the other half feel good is just awesomeness!

7. Set mutually acceptable rules

Relationships are not to be bound by any rigid aspects. However, healthy bonds always come with clear boundaries. Mutual respect being the baseline, set practical do’s and don’ts for better sustainability of the relationship.

Most couples prefer not to connect during work hours and consider it a prudent formula. Yet another nugget is refraining from being control freaks.

Success in long-distance relationships is no longer a puzzle. It’s all up to the players and you certainly can win it with these magical hacks, buddy!