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Bulging out, however unsightly it might be, does not bother all alike. Are you one among those who do not give a damn about that gross and chunky belly fat? It’s indeed high time you reconsider your priorities! Belly fat is not just ugly but a monstrous health risk, hazarding your well-being in numerous ways.

Abdominal Obesity (central obesity, truncal obesity or belly fat in simple terms) can cater to either subcutaneous fat or visceral fat. Subcutaneous fat is fat accumulation just beneath the skin whereas visceral fat seeps deeper, finding its site around the vital internal organs. Beware of visceral fat any day.

What causes Belly Fat?

1.Poor Diet

belly fat and junk food

Is your diet unhealthy and unbalanced? Do you fancy junk and fried food? Look nowhere else for gaining abdominal fat. You have probably been doing your worst bit to endanger yourself

What Food To Have?
Lots of fruits (especially berries, bananas, citrus fruits)
Vegetables (leafy greens, broccoli, cauliflower, beans, carrots, pumpkin, cucumber, asparagus etc.)
Green Tea
Skim Milk
What Food To Avoid?
Sugary foods
Fried and fatty foods
Aerated drinks
Refined carbohydrates
Excess salt

2.Lack of Physical Activity

Busy schedules and lack of energy after all the rush – Is this giving you nothing but a sedentary lifestyle? Your bulky waistline made no mistake than respond to your lifestyle.

3.Lack of Proper Sleep

Did you think that being on the move is solely sufficient to repel away abdominal fat. Resting it out is crucial too. If you have ample, good quality sleep (a minimum of 7 hours), there’s enough reason for your waistline and health to pay you gratitude!

4.Alcohol consumption and Smoking

Oh yeah! You very well knew this would feature in the list and here it is! Apart from cankering into your overall health, alcohol and cigarettes can contribute much more in the form of visceral fat. The additional sugar alcohol contains is just not the right thing for you!


stress causes belly fat

The boss is mad at you and your appraisal is at stake; just not a situation capable of being handled without stress. Your hand reaches out to the cupboard for some ever consoling potato chips. Caught you RED-HANDED!

Each time stress pops into your life, it sprinkles a generous amount of stress hormone cortisol on you. The affinity between your appetite and cortisol knows no bounds. You naturally tend to eat more and become obese.


Cherish those childhood days sticking to your dad’s tummy and enjoying his brave stories? Remember how your grandfather’s belly danced each time he gave out a hearty laugh to your little pranks? And that chubby aunt of yours, can you ever forget how her food has pampered your taste buds?

Pulling you back to the present, abdominal fat could be something running in your family- almost everyone had it! Genetics could play its part in making your belly bulky!

What are the health risks associated with Belly Fat?

Abdominal fat is associated with quite a good number of health complications. It is often associated with lower levels of HDL (good) cholesterol and higher levels of LDL (bad) cholesterol.

Risks Related To Belly Fat
Cardiac Arrest and Other Cardiac Issues


Type 2 Diabetes

High Blood Pressure

Alzheimer’s Disease

Cancers (Breast cancer, Colon cancer etc.)

How to evaluate Belly Fat?

Measuring abdominal fat is no big task; all you need is a measuring tape and you are all set to go! Wrap the tape around your tummy, right above your hip bone. If you are a woman and your measurement exceeds 35 inches, there’s something unhealthy about it. For men, the measurement shouldn’t be more than 40 inches.

How to prevent Belly Fat? What are the different ways to get rid of Belly Fat?

Now that you’ve picked up on how bad abdominal fat is, why still carry the burden? Shed it off for lighter days ahead.

Check out some great tips to reduce belly fat.

  1. Exercise Regularly. Choose a great workout plan on the basis of your age and gender. Remember that consistency is no short guy!
  2. Nurture Yourself with a Balanced Diet. Bid adieu to all fried and fatty foods. Stick to vegetables, fruits, pulses, nuts, skimmed milk, yogurt and water.
  3. Sleep well. Don’t ever compromise your sleep for anything or anyone. Sleep is when your body recovers from all sorts of damages it has encountered with.
  4. Refrain from alcohol and smoking.
  5. Turn to healthy practices like yoga and meditation; chuck out all the unwanted stress from your life.

Have no stomach for belly fat; stay healthy!