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Are you in a serious ‘for a lifetime’ relationship? If you just answered it “yes,” we have few amazing hacks for you – some splendid ways to maintain and improve the health and fervor of your relationship. Ties are the mightiest when seasoned with the right factors. What goes into a relationship decides what comes out of it. The best links are always strongly associated with the powerful aspect of trust. How to build and develop trust in a relationship? Thankfully, there are umpteen ways to do it.

Trust is the glue of life. It’s the most essential ingredient in effective communication. It’s the foundational principle that holds all relationships.” – Stephen R. Covey

What are the most effective trust building methods for you? Read below to find the best ways to build trust in a relationship:

build trust in a relationship

 1.Be as good as your word 

Promises are meant to be kept; the more you stick to your word, the better your relationship gets. Even a single instance where you renege could create ripples in the relationship. Always remember the fact that chances are high (really high!) that your partner will have your promises etched in his/her mind, even if you forget them. 

Commit only what you can fulfill; fulfill what you commit!

 2.Earn the trust that you yearn for 

Trust in a relationship – it doesn’t really hit you or your partner automatically; it is always hard-earned. How to earn trust? Be loyal and honest to the nth degree possible. Having said that, keep your way out of infidelity completely. You might consider watching porn or flirting with colleagues as harmless; but your companion might treat it as a threat to the loyalty he/she expected from you. Acknowledge and respect such differences in perception for establishing a mutually gratifying relationship. 

Refrain from the practice of telling lies; one lone lie could be the last straw in the relationship!

 3.Show your support wherever required and possible  

Who wouldn’t appreciate having a reliable and encouraging partner? Shore up your spouse’s aims and dreams; prioritize your partner’s goals as over or equal to yours.

Build in him/her the trust that you are there like a strong pillar of support, in any given situation that requires help. It is believed that supportive persons win trust easily!

 4.Embrace your partner’s secrets as yours 

Secrets are secrets for a reason (pretty obvious, isn’t it?) So, keeping your companion’s secrets for her is quite weighty a deal when it comes to having her trust. Give your partner’s secret a hue as important as yours; let not a big mouth and a loose tongue tamper with it. Remember that not even your best buddy deserves to know about your partner’s secret (not an atom of it!).

 5.Be consistent in your words and actions 

Your personality snaps up an aura of trustworthiness when you possess and display consistency. Your words should coincide with your actions, without fail. The moment you tend to deviate from your vows, mistrust and uncertainty climb the ladder. Avoid double standards – what holds good for you, holds good for your spouse/companion as well (a golden, yet unwritten, rule that helps relationship go places!).

 6.Admit your mistakes 

We are all prone to mistakes. You will definitely chance upon at least one moment where you err and tend to hurt your companion. What happens after you make the mistake, matters a lot in the trust building context. If you are the kind that accepts the fact that you were wrong and seeks apology, you are keeper for eternity!

 7.Help others whole-heartedly 

In relationships, you are often gauged by the way you treat others out of the relationship. A truly helpful and enthusiastically generous person wins trust easily. Extending kindness to the needy not only helps your relationship, but also your personality as a whole.

Be true to yourself; be true to your partner. Trust comes along as your journey progresses. Developing faith in each other can be slow and gradual; but it surely can happen as the best trust-winning secrets are now revealed to you.