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Are you a doting parent striving to raise successful kids? Hola, you are at the right place, at the right time! Parenting is no drop in the bucket; several long years of tussle, sensible parenting zeroes in on bringing up strong, happy and responsible adults.

Plunge in and unscrew the secrets to make it a winning game for your little ones.

1. Appreciate and celebrate even the smallest accomplishments

Raise successful kids by celebrating their success every other time
Making every achievement a memorable event for your children, makes them crave for more success

Recognition and appreciation have an incomparable magnitude when it comes to effective parenting. Alike adults, children too offer a better feat given the confidence levels are phenomenal.

Sow the seeds of self-worth and self-esteem in your children today with a pat on their shoulders for their efforts. Help them believe in their potential by praising their achievements without fail. While you laud their success, they tend to desire and toil for more of it!

2. Give a considerable chunk of your time to them

Spending time with children is important in raising successful kids
Quality time spent with parents can build better self-respect in children

How valuable is your time? If you do not have a clear answer, turn to your children, for your time is priceless to them.

Beyond building stronger bonds, spending time together can make your children feel loved and valued. It aids them to emerge and evolve as unstoppable champions. So, power them up with your time that they definitely deserve.

3. Read to them

Read and raise successful kids
Enhance your children’s communication skills by reading to them daily

Befriend your children with books as early a stage as possible. Habitually reading out to them can carve out better listeners with finer language skills.

The exposure to varied themes and ideas can evoke greater creative capabilities in them. More than oft times, successful people are apparently creative!

4. Encourage self-governance

Freedom helps children to become successful
Enhance your child’s decision making skills and create a leader simultaneously

While you knock yourself out to raise successful kids, you definitely cannot afford to overlook boosting their reasoning abilities.

Efficiency and best decisions share great proximity. Help your little ones to become excellent decision makers by administering a tinge of autonomy at home. Let them set their goals and choose their options. It is a splendid technique to help them analyze what takes them closer to success and what doesn’t!

5. Monitor and limit screen time

Studies reveal that screen time tampers with the brain development of children

Does your child stay glued to the phone or television for longer hours? Break the habit right away! According to a study published in JAMA Pediatrics, where 47 healthy prekindergarten formed the sample, children whose screen use exceeded the time limit recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) was associated with “(1) lower measures of microstructural organization and myelination of brain white matter tracts that support language and emergent literacy skills and (2) corresponding cognitive assessments.”

Plan your children’s daily media diet such that their screen time exceeds no longer than one hour a day. Engage them with other brain boosting activities like puzzles, memory games, blocks, sorting and matching.

6. Encourage pretend play

Pretend play has a great role in helping kids to be successful
Pretend play can shape your little ones’ imagination and creativity

Imaginative play proves to be your child’s threshold to the real world, the world where his future would be pivoted on. Role plays can ramp up his emotional skills tremendously. The social sphere is better exposed to him while he enacts different scenarios.

Pretend play can also effectively leverage the problem solving skills of your children. It can perk up their creativity to greater grades.

7. Allow them to fail

Raise successful kids by letting them learn from failures
Never let failures terrify your children

Those raised eyebrows are absolutely justifiable as we ask you to let your children fail while you are hunting for ways to raise successful kids. Let’s talk about small failures like losing a board game here.

Crucial to success is the attitude of learning each time you fail and the art of getting back up stronger. Estrange your kids from fear of failure.