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Quartered on angst and alarm, you might find that your days are tinted with mounting negativity owing to the pandemic. Wondering how to stay positive during Covid-19? Helping you out to bring home the bacon, here are some highly effective tips to cope with the pandemic peacefully.

1. Stay safe, stay calm

Home, Sweet Home is the safest place to be in during the current situation. Adhering to recommended norms like wearing masks while going out for emergencies, social distancing and better hygiene gets your bubble well-armored. Make sure to follow WHO’s safety guidelines for better protection from the novel corona virus.

2. Indulge in hobbies and interests

hobbies and interests can keep you positive

The Covid-19 days could be given a better score and a brighter vibe by engaging in activities you like and enjoy the most. Foster your love for nature with some grind in the garden. Show off your culinary skills. Furnish your walls with some great art masterpieces of yours. Relish the works of your favorite authors. Follow your passions and do it with all your zeal!

3. Spend time with family and strengthen bonds

Those pending board game sessions with kids, Netflix time with your spouse; make them happen right away. It is indeed the perfect time to rejuvenate your relationships and beat the banes in bonds.

4. Stay away from rumors about the pandemic spreading on social media

Keeping abreast of latest news on the pandemic is advisable. However, we are exposed to too much of clutter, picking holes in the scenario. Look beyond all the negativity that finds that royal space in the social media. Keep up the faith that better days are ahead.

5. Grab nutritious food

Food for better immunity

Prevention is better than cure. Power up your immune system with some healthy, nutrient-rich food. Pack your routine diet with fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes and nuts. A better, healthier version of you should be the best outcome of the pandemic.

6. Eye on fitness

Fitness, physical and mental, never happens by chance. Strive today for the fit body and soul that you have always craved for. A daily dose of workout can be magical. Cast that enhancing spell on your mind with some minutes of Yoga or Mindfulness Meditation.

7. Take baby steps towards your dreams

Do you think that your ultimate goal is light years away? Why not start your journey today and shrink the distance between you and your dream? Start researching more, spend more time on ways to implement your ideas. Closer to the desired destination and basking in confidence, what more would you need to stay positive during Covid-19?

8. Sleep well.

Snooze versus Good Morning – Did you just cheer for the former? That talks volumes about how sleep-deprived you are. Inadequate sleep can canker into your mind like poison. Squeeze in more sleep in your schedule and stay relaxed.

9. Experiment more.

Do you hear clangs of innovative ideas? Consider this your day! Add that redesigned touch to your den. Venture to attempt fresh artistic styles if art and literature define your soul. Explore deeper into yourself!

10. Listen to inspiring talks of eminent personalities.

Drive away the looming pessimism with the persuasive words of successful persons. Absorb the finest hues from their talks and gift yourself with a wider intellectual spectrum.

Only in the darkness can you see the stars. – Martin Luther King Jr.

Spot the stars, and embrace the hopes of splendid days at the head. If the air of negativity suppresses you, talk it out. Stay positive during Covid-19 and spread good cheer all around.