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“The human body is the best picture of the human soul.”- Tony Robbins. Do you wish to create the finest picture ever? Come along, follow these super habits for good health and get unstoppable!

1. Know Your Diet

A balanced diet gives good health

What you eat decides what you are and where you can get to. Maintaining a balanced and healthy diet has quite a good number of perks stringing along with it. Healthy food dishes out a fabulously functioning immune system that can fight anything from common cold to cancer. Unnecessary weight gain and early aging can never bother you post switching to good food habits!

Include: Carbs (wheat, rice, millet, maize, oats, potatoes), Proteins (meat, fish, egg, pulses, nuts), Fat (nuts, dairy products, seeds), Fibre (beans, oats, peas, nuts, brown rice), Vitamins (fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, pulses, nuts).

Avoid: Pastries, French fries, sugary drinks, white bread, candy bars, ice cream.

2. Physical Activity

Exercise is one among the best habits for good health

Weight loss and great muscles don’t excite you? There’s more to physical activity and fitness when it comes to being healthy.

As per the World Health Organization’s guidelines, “Adults aged 18–64 should do at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic physical activity throughout the week or do at least 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity aerobic physical activity throughout the week or an equivalent combination of moderate- and vigorous-intensity activity.” Physical activity enhances bone strength and also helps to prevent several chronic diseases. Vital organs like heart and lungs can be kept in great condition with the recommended amount of physical activity.

Take stairs wherever possible. Cycling to work place is not a bad idea. Short strolls during lunch break is splendid!

3. Stick to a good sleep routine

Sleep gives great health

Sleeping well is the best of habits for good health. Better brain functioning, improved physical and mental health- sleep can ensure all of it; you just need to rest it out!

Any sorts of damage to the body gets repaired during your sleep. Ample sleep is synonymous with a primo quality of life.

4. Meditation

Meditation is one among the best habits for good health

Meditation is a superstar among the coolest habits for good health. Stress, anxiety, depression – the turbulence you encounter on a day to day basis is vast! Counter it all with the magnetism of meditation. Not only does it puff up your emotional and mental health, but also widens the breadth of your self-awareness.

If age-related issues like memory loss and lesser focus is troubling you, meditation is the savior you’ve been hunting for! No more sleeping pills, please; meditation can do it for you!

5. Stay Away From Addictions

Avoid cigarettes and alcohol for good health

Alcohol, cigarettes, excessive eating, screen dependency – the list goes on. “Bad yet unavoidable,” says your conscience; but “break it for me,” says your body. Without second thoughts, give ears to your body! The most crucial step to de-addicting yourself is making the decision to stay away from your addictions. Once the best decision of your life is made, break the habit and keep going. Said so easily, it is not so easy though – yes, the withdrawal symptoms are hard to handle! If need arises, seek help from qualified counselors or de-addiction centers.

Few Tips To Overcome Your Addictions:
Pursue your literary or artistic interests (music, dance, painting etc.) and keep learning more to up-skill yourself.

Stick to healthy practices like yoga and mindfulness meditation.

Spend time with people who keeps you calm and merry. Also, stay away from people and things that stresses you out.

Enhance your self-esteem and never put yourself down.

6. Laugh a Lot

Laughter gives good health

Believe it or not, your ears to that funny friend of yours has been adding some extra years to your life. Laughing out heartily is much beyond just feeling good. It improves your overall mental health by inducing relaxation and reducing stress. Your heart and immune system get better each time you laugh it out. No brownies for guessing the cat that laughter is the best way to burn off the unwanted calories!

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7. Forgive Others

Forgive others and get rid of stress

A chest of chronic diseases is all what stress can open up to; grudge being the master key! “Let It Go,” a mantra that can improve your life as well as the lives around you, bears great fruits.

Mistakes do happen, but not forgiving is the deliberate attempt to harm yourself. A heap of unwanted emotional burden does no justice to you. So, forgive and forgo; it’s all for good!